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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about time management – namely, what do I give my time over to? What do I allow to occupy brain space? Does that thing deserve to take up the amount of time I’m giving it? And am I willing to sacrifice my writing time to attend to it?

Some things are no-brainers. Tea with a friend. Chatting with my wife. Exercising. Those are the things that I gladly give time to. But other things – maybe clicking on ALL the Facebook articles, watching videos, indulging in self-defeat/self-criticism, getting easily spun-up over things that don’t really matter – those things don’t deserve the time that I find myself giving to them.

This week, when I looked at my favorite articles of the week (the articles that, yes, I found on FB – I’m a work on progress), I found that I actually had the makings of a perfect workday, one that struck a balance in distribution between exercise, reading, writing, food and drink, and diversion – one that focused on positive activities, and positive output, rather than negative. It’s a lot of articles this week, but they all come together to make a well-balanced workday.

Slow Sunday Jam