I Like Pie, I Like Cake

Once a week, and one Saturday a month, I work at a dance studio in exchange for all the dance classes I can take. We are mostly a Latin dance studio, and we hold four-hour workshops on Saturdays (which we call Bootcamps) in which people can have a crash course in salsa, merengue, bachata, and tango. I’ve sat through many a Salsa Bootcamp, watching from my patrol behind the desk as I take inventory of the shoes or print waivers.

This Saturday, I worked the desk during the Swing Bootcamp and the Southside Stomp swing social. I’ve seen Swing Kids and watched movies where swing is featured (like A League of Their Own), but I’ve never taken a class in it, nor had I watched one. But I have to say, those swing dancers are awesome! So full of energy, tapping and kicking and clapping to the beat, knees bent, smiles on their faces the entire time. I haven’t seen that many people wearing Keds in one place since I was in second grade. I was particularly happy when “The Madison” came on and everyone on the floor joined in. And I found myself wishing I was out there dancing with them rather than stuck behind the desk taking money. (Next time – definitely next time.)

The other great part, though, was the music. I posted to Facebook during the social (that followed the Bootcamp) the lyrics to a song I particularly enjoyed, “I like pie, I like cake, I like everything you make.”

I was thrilled to wake up this morning and find that Bill, one of the dapper swing gentlemen, had posted links to the original recording and to a club act performing the song. “I think you’ve found your blog theme song,” he said. I think he’s right.

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