A few years ago, Megan Mullally (Karen from Will & Grace) had a talk show. It was pretty fantastic, and it really made me feel enabled to wear jeans and blazers year round. That doesn’t work if you live in, say, Virginia and it’s, say, 400 degrees outside. No blazers. Just blazing hot. I digress.

While her show was on the air, Megan Mullally had a list on her website of things she liked:  products, websites, shows. Think of it as Oprah’s favorite things but year round and her audience doesn’t get any of it for free.

I’ve seen bloggers post links on various days of the week, and I always thought, oh, that’s a really helpful thing. One of my favorite authors/bloggers, Tayari Jones, would post links on Wednesdays for news in the literary/academic community, tips for writers, news pertinent to writers, and sometimes just stuff she found cool or infuriating. And I always assumed that the linking came out of some desire to share information. And perhaps it does.

But it can also come out of life just being too busy, and there being too many writing deadlines, to write a real blog post. And that’s okay. We forgive ourselves the things we can’t get done, and we celebrate the things we can. I can’t manage to write my bloggy review of Norfolk Restaurant Week (not today, but get ready, because tomorrow, we’re French fooding it up). But I can manage to share some of my favorite links for this week.


(Bold text=official)

  • In honor of the absent review of Norfolk Restaurant Week, I encourage you to visit the Downtown Norfolk Council’s website, look at the menus, make a reservation, and go out and support your local restaurants. Many restaurants offer lunch and dinner menus for 2- or 3-course meals, and they all sound amazing.
  • While I was only happy with half of the results of this week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, I am barred from openly discussing said results online because I’m a good citizen/roommate and will not spoil things for anybody. But I can say, without spoilers, that I loved this routine with Sasha and Twitch.
  • In other happy dance news, Kathryn was back as an all-star on So You Think You Can Dance, and my Wednesday night was a little brighter because of it.
  • Chris Hill has the fantastic ability (read as: annoying habit) of making me want to visit the places he writes about. This week’s destination:  Charleston, South Carolina, for some blue crab.
  • My Drunk Kitchen. Watch it. Love it.
  • My friend Joanna is in Greece for the summer, and she sent me this recipe for what sounds like a pretty amazing salad.
  • But it’s really hot this week. So I’m pretty stoked about this recipe from a reader at AltDaily for watermelon granita.
  • Where am I getting that watermelon? The Five Points Farm Market, where they have a crazy amazing sale going on for watermelon. Also, that’s where I get my CSA, and autumn is coming quicker than we think. You should sign up for one.
  • But you’re thinking, Dana, what do I do with my CSA? You read my CSAcation. Like this week’s installment:  I reclaimed the lost bean of my youth – the butter bean.

And so, I leave you with links to distract everyone from the fact that I couldn’t quite turn out a thoughtful blog post today. Perhaps instead of “Links Dana Likes,” I should just keep it real and call the list “Look, something shiny.” Food for thought.

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