It’s Friday, and Links = Love

It seems that every time Thursday afternoon/evening rolls around, I make a list of all the stuff I need to catch up on over the weekend, and I realize how impossible the task is. (I actually have interns I should be delegating things to. Have you ever delegated? It’s hard to do.)

So when I look at the list and see “blog about those tomatoes,” I realize, that won’t happen when I think it should. Thank goodness it’s Friday and I’ve given myself license to share links I like. Enjoy.

  • I had my first taste of Facebook haters this week when someone posted some pretty nasty stuff on my magazine section’s Facebook page. Just two days prior, I had read this article, “If your website’s full of assholes, it’s your fault,” from Anil Dash’s blog, about moderating user comments on a website. I certainly don’t think he has the final authoritative say on how to handle Internet haters, but it became an even more interesting read after I witnessed that bad behavior he talks about on my own site.
  • My love affair with My Drunk Kitchen continues as Hannah Hart has started an advice series called “Advice from the Hart.” Particularly poignant in this week’s installment is her breakdown on the fashion similarities of hipsters and gay folks. So true.
  • Whole Foods is coming to Virginia Beach. I have issues with the fact that the Hilltop area now gets not only Trader Joe’s, but also Whole Foods. I’m still trying to get parking at Harris Teeter in Ghent. But even though I think it’s dumb that VB now gets two rocking grocery stores, I’m pretty excited about Whole Foods. I’m hitting up some kale salad pronto in 2013.
  • My friend Sheena shared this on my Facebook page, and it makes me so excited. I don’t know exactly what I would do (or propose) to foster and advance food awesomeness in Hampton Roads (because we’re already pretty awesome), but I want to try something. I’ll throw my apron in the ring and see what comes of it. (Add that to the list.)
  • My friend Mary sent me this posting on food styling. Really cool to see the ways photographers/food stylists make troublesome food look delicious. (Also, I am in the market for a food stylist.)
  • And finally, treat yourself to some Jimpressions – Clarence’s speech from Shakespeare’s Richard III done in the voices of 25 celebrities.

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