I’m Not Doing Weird Things with Pumpkins

This morning, when my roommate ventured out into the hallway, she found me photographing a pumpkin with an owl book-end and a basket of artificial, fall-colored flowers – like something out of Catalog Living.

Fall catalog pumpkin

“I’m not doing strange things with pumpkins,” I told her.

But secretly, I want to. It’s fall, and this weekend, I received my first pumpkin of the season in my Five Points Farm Market CSA. That pumpkin is possibility – what to make? Pumpkin soup? Pumpkin pie? Pumpkin scones with butterscotch chips? Some combination of pumpkin and sweet potato, roasted with onion and fresh herbs? Or do I continue treating it like the Travelocity travelling gnome, a whole foods version of Flat Stanley? I have a quirky image in my head of me, with my pumpkin, (which I would have to name, of course), out on the town, taking pictures in random places. Pumpkin at Cafe Stella; Pumpkin riding the lion at ODU; Pumpkin at The Mambo Room Dance Studio; Pumpkin riding The Tide. Oh, the possibilities. Oh, the places you’ll go.

Literary pumpkin

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