Pancake Redemption

I have a tradition when I get my car worked on that I go out to breakfast at the Pancake House in Wards Corner. This has been a tradition pretty much since I moved here, when my friend, Andrea, introduced me to both the Wards Corner Shell Station, and the Pancake House.

With their thick wheat toast, their endless cups of coffee, close proximity to the station, and convenient location across the street from The Book Exchange, my fav local used book store, I fell in love with the Pancake House. The walls are decorated with vintage photos of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. My favorite is one of sailors dancing in the middle of Granby Street to celebrate VJ Day.

The last few times I’ve been to the Pancake House, it’s been disappointing. The bacon was paper thin. The pancakes were sad, limp, heavy things, like that cousin who comes at Christmas and sulks in a corner and won’t eat any of the dessert. No fun.

I went back today while having my oil change, partly because I’m a glutton for punishment and disappointment, and partly because it’s the only thing to do in that part of town before 10am. Andrea and I got a table towards the back and ordered, half-heartedly, the orders of people who expect disappointment.

I have to say:  it’s not total redemption, but I left happy.

The pancakes were better (I usually don’t order pancakes in restaurants anyway; I like my pancakes a little lighter).

No more cranky cousin pancakes.

The bacon was, thank goodness, something that more resembled actual bacon and didn’t crumble to pieces in my hands when I picked it up.

Bacon a bit more normal.

I always enjoy the coffee there, served in brown mugs that make me think of my grandfather.

Grandpa coffee.

And how could I stay mad at a place that serves syrup in such cute containers?

The cutest syrup ever.

Welcome back into my good graces, Pancake House. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must round out the day with Thai food.

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