My First Story Publication

Short post, but I have to share that my friend Tara sent me photos today of the new issue of Shaking Magazine, which is available for purchase at AWP’s book fair this weekend. (Yes, Tara shall receive cookies as soon as she gets back.)

My name!

I can’t wait to get a copy in my hot little hands, but until then, I have to say, I’m cherishing this moment of seeing my name on the back cover of the magazine. I’ve published food articles and reviews, but never fiction, and for awhile, I began to think that I really didn’t stand much of a chance of publishing stories. I convinced myself that it wouldn’t happen for me until years from now, when I’ve had more life experience and read more books and learned the craft better. And I still have to do all of that, but damn, someone thought one was good enough to publish! And that feels awesome! A wonderful beginning to Spring Break…

Front cover of Shaking Magazine

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