How Many of My Friends Will Curse Me for Distracting Them?

One of the best things each year starts up on Thursday:  the new season of So You Think You Can Dance, the wonderful show on Fox where dancers perform and compete to become America’s favorite dancer.

I started watching this show when I was doing my summer internship in Provincetown. My roommate, Mairead, was addicted to the show, and she dragged us all into her obsession along with her, to the point where we were breathless, watching the finale, rooting for Jeanine that season, and cheered loudly when she won – right before we remembered that Colum McCann and his wife were sleeping upstairs. Oops!

And so, to celebrate the return of this fantastic show, I have compiled a blog list of some of my favorite routines. This is by no means an exhaustive list – there are many that I find wonderful, including the one I’m not allowed to watch because I cry every time because it reminds me that Amanda will deploy and I’ll be wrecked when she does; or the one that makes me wish I could write a story that looks like that dance. Rather, I’ve chosen some highlights in my SYTYCD viewing. And since I’m compiling them in a blog post, I’m going to begin taking bets on how many of my friends will be cursing me for pulling them down into a SYTYCD YouTube marathon.

1. Sasha and Twitch Hip Hop

2. Kent and Neil Contemporary (Boys can get such height when they jump!)

(Sorry, couldn’t embed video on this one, but the link should be good!)

3. Melanie and Marko Lyrical Hip Hop

4. Kathryn and Jacob Contemporary

5. Finally, the video that inspired me to learn how to do chest pops:  Chelsie and Mark Hip Hop


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