Blog Renovations, and Why I Can’t Just Pick a Profile Pic

I’ve got two big blog milestones on my horizon, and I’m psyched about both of them. 1) I’m a mere thirteen posts away from my 100th post. There’s something encouraging and immense about 100 posts. Out of double digits. It means I’ve sat down 100 times to compose something just for fun, and I know that the 100 times I’ve done this have helped me become a better writer. Malcolm Gladwell wrote the book The Outliers, in which he details the concept that people who are masters at something have put in 10,000 hours of practice at it. The blog hasn’t gotten me 10,000 hours, but it has provided me with a regular practice at writing, even when I feel I have nothing to say.

My second milestone:  my one-year blog-o-versary is on July 6th. 100 posts in one year. I think I can make it.

And since I’ve put in this work of blogging and developing my voice, I felt it was time to renovate things a bit. Slowly, over the next month or so, the appearance of the blog will likely change a little bit, and I’ve begun finding new ways to connect with readers.

I have the Twitter feed, which now serves as a way for my mom to see what I’m up to at any given point. (Which more often than not equates to seeing what I’m eating at any given point.)

I’ve also started a Facebook page for this blog, by the same name (Whisks & Words). I’ll be posting photos, links, blog posts, etc. You can reach it by clicking the Facebook widget on the right-hand side of this page, or by logging into Facebook and searching Whisks & Words (or going to I hope you’ll check it out, click the Like button, and then tell at least 25 of your friends to check it out and Like it as well.

As I was making the Facebook page this weekend, I was shuffling around through pictures on my computer, trying to find the right profile picture. A picture of me just wasn’t working for me; I’ve got tons of photos of food, as you know, but which ones?

The cut up cubes of butter?


The doughnut?


The peach pies?

Peach pies. I mean, I am from Georgia

What food really says “me”? It’s like when we were first setting up our Facebook accounts 50 years ago and trying to figure out what the best photo was to scan and then upload to Facebook. I need a photo that says, “a blog about a writer who cooks.” I guess I really need a picture of me writing with one hand and whisking with the other, but that doesn’t exist. (Yet.)

In the end, I’ve actually uploaded all three options, and I’ll likely shuffle back and forth between them until I figure out what feels the most right. Which do you think is the most Whisky and Wordsy?

4 thoughts on “Blog Renovations, and Why I Can’t Just Pick a Profile Pic

  1. A whisk on top of your words… Aka one of those journals. Maybe even a dirty whisk. A dirty whisk next to a hand-written recipe page.

  2. I’d go for that soup with all the letters in it, is that cheesy? I always thought of it as the soup with words.

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