My 100th Post: Damn Birds.

I’ve written before about my first stab at a real garden this summer. We’ve got herbs, sweet potatoes (which, you know, are more fall garden, but they’re in the ground!), bell peppers, jalapenos, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Four kinds of tomatoes, in fact. Two varieties of sweet cherry tomatoes, and then two varieties of larger tomatoes that birds just loooooove.

And I know this because every time I go out to check, water, or pick the tomatoes, there are new, adorable gouges in the larger, almost-ripe tomatoes. My Better Boys have gaping wounds in them, their sweet juices crusted with dirt from the damn birds that keep eating on them, just a little bit, before flying away and leaving me with useless tomato carcasses.

Please note Exhibit A, the blue arrow: gouge marks from a damn bird.

When I noticed this last week, I began a campaign to rid myself of the bird problem. I went out and bought pie plates and strung them up across the tomato plants. Supposedly the shiny glint of the pie pans is supposed to fool the birds into thinking it’s unsafe.

I have a feeling the birds watched from their tree branches and rooftops and laughed big, bird belly laughs. “Look,” they said to one another, “she’s trying the pie plates! Ha!!” Because later that afternoon, Amanda found yet another tomato gouged from the likes of a bird beak.

If you speak bird, apparently our word for “pie plates” translates to “hilarious joke” to birds.

What should have been my beautiful tomato garden, from which I could pull warm, firm, beautiful red tomatoes to slice and put on sandwiches or just drizzle with oil and vinegar has become an exercise in heartache.

Welcome to the tomato jungle, baby…

I have plans to buy a couple of plastic snakes to put in the garden. I’m working on exercising restraint – my inclination is to make it look like that scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, but I won’t. I hear wind chimes are supposed to work. All in good time. But hopefully, I can get there before the damn birds do.

Cherry tomatoes!

The good news is that they leave my little cherry tomatoes alone for the most part. I’m pulling off handfuls of bright orange and red cherry tomatoes twice a day, which are great for salads, roasting, or just popping in your mouth whole. And the damn birds can’t take that away from me.

Anyone else have this problem? What do you do to keep the birds away?

On a side note:  This is my 100th post on Whisks & Words, and I’m so thankful for all of you who have read, either for the first time or as a regular follower of the blog. It’s been so much fun having a place to write, getting to know a community of bloggers, and sharing my photos and food with you, albeit electronically. Forgive the incessant celebration – tomorrow is my one-year blog-o-versary, so more festive messages of gratitude are likely to follow. 

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