My CSAcation: A Peach Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

My blogging over the past few days has slowed down as I do some other writing projects:  namely, I’ve got two things due on July 31 – that’s approaching very quickly!

The first thing I have due, which I’ve done almost no work on, is a chapter of my novel. My friend and I are exchanging chapters – even if they suck – on July 31 to keep each other accountable. We graduated over two years ago; it’s time for us to get down to business.

The second thing, which should be close to finished by the end of the day today, is an essay on sin. Southern sin, to be exact. Creative Nonfiction has issued a call for essays on the topic of “Southern sin.” My friend Joanna emailed the call for essays to me back in May, and I thought awhile, and I came up stumped. The only “sins” I could talk about were heavy things, the kind of writing I did in my thesis, the kind of writing I’m trying to distance myself from. “Abjection” was a word used to describe my writing back then. I’m not looking to dwell in abjection at this point.

But nonetheless, I’m writing about sin, and I’m making some progress. And all this writing about sin has been accompanied by my campaign to work my way through my CSA goodies, namely the two bags of peaches I got last week. At long last, I finished them off on Friday.

Peach crisp with vanilla ice cream

My friend Mary came over for a visit, so I made Peach Crisp. I wanted something sweet and brown sugary and peachy. I found this recipe on the Pioneer Woman’s blog (didn’t make the maple sauce this time, but want to in the future). I’m not going to list out the recipe here, in the interest of time (have to go write about sin some more) but also because the Pioneer Woman’s blog is beautiful with photos for each step; it’s worth checking out.

I had the crisps in the oven about eight minutes before I realized I forgot the step where I add maple syrup to the peaches. Some might say, ah well, just let it go. There’s enough sugar. But not me. I opened the oven, took the lids off the pans, and drizzled maple syrup over each of the crisps. It turned out great, and Mary and I were big fans (as was her baby, Luke).

Later on Friday, with just a few peaches left, I figured out what I had been neglecting. I scoured the Internet in search of the perfect fresh peach cocktail recipe. I had gotten peaches drunk for a cake, but not on their own. The time had come.

That’s how we use up peaches at my house!

And appropriately, as I was writing about sin, this recipe comes from the Domestic Bad Girl herself, Martha Stewart. This Peach and Rosemary Spritzer allows room for experimentation. I made the syrup on Friday, but I didn’t use it until last night. I poured an ounce or two of syrup into a glass with ice, topped it with as much wine as I wanted, and then poured in some ginger ale (since I didn’t have club soda). The drink was sweet, a little tart, and when I ate the peaches in the bottom of the glass, they tasted of both the wine and the rosemary. Amanda suggested I spread the leftover peaches on buttered toast, and its ideas like that that make me extra glad I keep her around.

Our next project is to start working through the surplus sweet corn supply we have in our crisper drawer. Stay tuned for my experiment with a Two Fat Ladies recipe for corn griddle cakes!

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