Whisks & Words Photo Contest Was a Hit!

This week on my Facebook page, we did a photo contest. Fans of the page competed for a $20 Trader Joe’s gift card by sending in photos, with the only catch being that the photos had to include a whisk in them.

I honestly had no idea how it would go – would anyone even send a photo? Would people vote? Is this all a waste of time? Should I stop all this blogging nonsense and do something constructive? (Wow. What would be constructive? This rabbit hole goes waaaay deep.)

But lo and behold, people did send in photos – really awesome photos. I loved how creative people got with their photos, how much story and structure there was to some of them (and in some cases, quite a bit of staging). If I ever needed validation that blogging and social media and doing things for fun (and, you know, swag) was worthwhile, I got that validation this week.

All of the photos were fantastic, but I’ve included the three top picks, as well as a couple honorable mentions (in my book).

First Place:  Lilly the Cat

Submitted by Leigh Anne from Georgia; 1st place with 106 Likes

Second Place:  Blue Dansk Whisk by Little Miss Vegetarian

Submitted by Little Miss Vegetarian – 2nd place with 83 Likes

Third Place:  2012:  A Space Odyssey

Submitted by Bill from Virginia; 3rd place with 79 Likes

These photos were voted on by Liking the photo on my Whisks and Words Facebook page.

A few Honorable Mentions that I picked out:

Daydreaming Housewife:  This photo is artsy and whimsical and gives me some serious apron envy. Also, I feel like I do this sometimes. Three cheers for daydreaming!

Honorable Mention: Daydreaming Housewife, submitted by Ashleigh

Llama, Llama, Red Pajama:  This one took a lot of staging and was done by my friend Rebecca, who has a thing about llamas and often uses them to teach with. Seeing this photo warmed my heart, as did the little poem that came with it:  “Llama, llama, red pajama, whisk some pancakes for your mama.”

Honorable mention: Llama, llama…

All the photos were excellent, and you can view the whole album on my Facebook page or by clicking here. While you’re there, Like the page so you can stay tuned in for future contests, links, recipes, photos, and my always-important (note the sarcasm) thoughts about food and writing.

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