CSAcation: Setting My Intentions

I find that, when I don’t think out what I could do with my CSA goodies in advance, I have a bad habit of giving in to the following temptations:

1. Bon Appetit/another blogger/Cooking Channel/Food Network/Paula Deen/Bitchin’ Kitchen posts a recipe on Facebook or Twitter that I read, salivate over, and then decide swiftly that because I haven’t made any other plans for dinner, we should have [insert name of dish with gorgeous photos here].

2. I’m tired, my eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen, and I decide I have no motivation or inspiration to formulate a dinner from what we have on our counter or in our fridge, so I convince Amanda we should go out.

CSA goodies for this week!

This is bad. We pay for our CSA, we go to Five Points Farm Market, we choose our produce, so we should use it and make something delicious and nourishing and satisfying from it. Setting my intentions to use this lovely, locally-grown produce helps me stay on track. I saw a blogger do this on her page, and I thought, how brilliant. I will do the same. And it helps me a lot.

So here’s a list of our CSA goods for this week, and my intentions for their uses:

Collard Greens:  We’re using these tonight and braising them up according to Paula Deen’s recipe. They’ll be served alongside leftover chicken drumsticks and some fresh hoecakes (also care of Lady Deen).

Tomatillos:  These, I’m hoping, will make it to the weekend. We have a friend coming over for fish tacos on Saturday, and I hope to make salsa from the tomatillos (and other goods we got this week) on Thursday so the flavors can really marry together before she comes on Saturday.

Cilantro:  See tomatillos entry. I’ll also be chopping some cilantro to sprinkle over Moroccan chicken later this week.

Poblano Peppers:  See tomatillos entry. I’m going to roast these poblanos and put them in the salsa.

Butternut Squash:  I’m going to make butternut squash soup with the squash and the apples (see below). One of the fans on my Facebook page made the absolutely genius suggestion of butternut squash soup with (wait for it) gingerbread croutons. And I thought, okay, clearly you’re a genius, that’s a fantastic idea. So I’m going to figure out this whole gingerbread crouton situation, and we’re having this on Tuesday.

Ginger Gold Apples:  See butternut squash entry.

Cherry Tomatoes:  On Thursday, I’m going to make cranberry-maple glazed pork chops (a recipe I got from the Fine Cooking magazine), and I’m going to roast these cherry tomatoes with some basil to go with it.

The weekend’s almost over. What plans/intentions do you have for your farmer’s market/CSA/grocery store haul?

Happy CSAcationing!

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