Setting my CSA Intentions

This week’s CSA!

Now that I’m no longer at death’s door, I can get back to some cooking. I’ve got a pumpkin from last week’s CSA just waiting to turn into pumpkin cinnamon rolls, and today we picked up even more lovely local goodies to cook up. Here’s a look at my CSA intentions for this week.

Broccoli:  So, I make sourdough bread now, and I think that some kind of broccoli-potato soup would be really lovely in bread bowls. But if not, I also love broccoli straight up, sauteed with garlic and some salt and pepper.

Cabbage:  We’ve been talking about fish tacos for weeks now, so this might become coleslaw for fish tacos. Or perhaps it’s time to try cabbage soup!

Curly Kale:  I love, love, love kale! I believe I’ll be making some kale chips and perhaps sauteeing some kale with garlic as a side dish for dinner one night this week.

Acorn Squash:  We began experimenting with sweet-n-spicy acorn squash a few weeks ago, and now seems like the perfect time to really work on refining that recipe so I can share it with you. Because we have 3 acorn squash on the counter, 2 from the CSA. Time to move some squash, y’all!

Apples:  Hmm… you know, these will probably be eaten as is. Since I’ve been Sicky McSick and I’m convinced that I’ve infected Amanda, too, we need those fresh fruits in our diet.

If you have a CSA membership, drop me a line at and let me know what you’re doing with your CSA. Include a photo and a recipe, and I’ll include it in a blog post this week! Or, better yet, check out What’s in the Box on In Her Chucks’s blog. She hosts a link party every week full of great CSA recipes.

2 thoughts on “Setting my CSA Intentions

    1. CSA stands for community-supported agriculture. These are programs where you buy a subscription, and each week you receive a box of fresh, local produce from farms near you. It’s always seasonal, and its a way to throw in with the farmers. When things are bountiful, you get more food. When a crop is scarce, the farmer takes less of a financial hit. It’s usually a generous amount of food and not stuff you necessarily think to buy on your own. 🙂

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