The Next Whisks & Words Giveaway: Chocolate!

The weather is turning (slooowly), I’m down to cooking fall favorites, and I don’t know… something about all of that just made me want to give away free stuff.

Well, not totally free. You have to work for it. So without further adieu, The Next Whisks & Words Giveaway:  Chocolate!!

A few weeks ago, a lady at Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate wrote to me, asking if I’d like some free samples of chocolate. And it took me about 4.5 seconds to say, “YES, SEND ME CHOCOLATE NOW!! MINE!!”


But before either Amanda or I rips open those bars and starts eating (and believe me, Amanda has already tried), I want to give away two free bars of chocolate to one lucky winner. All you have to do is eat. And photograph it.

Though I hate seeing it on cooking shows – the ultra close-up of people eating nachos, giant burritos, pie, etc., the sauces and juices dribbling down their chins – I sort of love pictures of that face (let’s call it Chow Face) as people eat and enjoy their food. It’s so endearing, so open, so human. That moment is hard to fake, especially when the food isn’t all that great. It’s that moment when we take a bite and react instantaneously to what we taste. And I like seeing that in freeze frame.

And let’s face it. With women, it’s usually chocolate. We get that “crazy taste face.” (Watch the video below. You’ll see. Something about the Ghirardelli-Hershey’s-Betty Crocker-3 Musketeers-Dove fever dream makes our eyes close, our heads loll back, our lips part, our legs go up in the air… Does it sound sexual? Yeah. Sarah Haskins thinks so too.)

But for this contest, feel free to snap a photo of yourself (or have someone else do it) eating any food. Make it classy, make it funny, make it close-up, make it further away. Just make it a picture of a person (or pet) eating. (Just also make sure you have that person’s permission.)

When you have a photo you like, send it to me at and I’ll work on compiling an album on my Facebook page. Once the album is complete, I’ll post it, and voting will open up. Tell your friends, email your coworkers, call your mom, and send everyone to the Whisks & Words Facebook page and ask them to Like your photo (and the page!). The photo with the most votes at the end of the voting period wins two free bars of Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate (flavors available are milk chocolate, 70% dark, cherry, and ginger).

So, the nuts and bolts:

When does this start? Now! Email your photo to me as soon as possible at .

What’s the deadline? Send me your photo by Thursday at 3pm to be included in the first wave of photos in the album. I’ll accept late photos, but you won’t have as much time to get votes that way.

When does the album go liveOn Thursday afternoon.

How long is voting? Voting lasts until Sunday at noon, at which point I’ll announce a winner and get in touch with that person directly.

How can I find the Whisks & Words Facebook page? So glad you asked. Click here. Like it. Submit a photo. Get ready to vote and get your campaign face on.

And what’s this whole Chow Face thing? See below.

Manicure, flower headband, champagne, and a big ol’ Cuban sandwich. Keeping my Chow Face classy.
Homestyle Chow Face with a fish taco.
Keeping my Chow Face clean.
And if I’ve got Chow Face, you know my shadow, Otis, has to have Chow Face too.

Snap your photo. Email it to me at And when the album goes live, recruit as many of your friends to Like the photo as possible for your chance to win two delicious bars of seriously fancy-looking organic chocolate.

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