Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

Foodie Pen Pals

One of the fun things about the blogging community, and more particularly, the food blogging community, is that we have all these genius bloggers who find fantastic ways to link bloggers up with other bloggers, readers of blogs, and people who just plain love food.

Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean is one such blogger.

Lindsay launched the Foodie Pen Pal Program, a way to bring readers and writers and eaters together, swapping boxes of food in the mail, sharing local favorites, comfort foods, and yummy snacks with each other.

I’ll post about mine at the bottom of the page, but first, I want to talk about who my pen pal was. We were both newbies, and when I contacted Candi, I found her to be warm, friendly, and as excited as I was to be a part of the program. After I asked her about dietary restrictions and preferences, I sent her a box of food. She wrote up a guest post about the package I sent her. So here’s Candi!

Guest Post:  Candi Stevens, October Foodie Pen Pal

Candi’s package from Dana

For being a “newbie” to the Foodie Pen Pal experience I have to say that is was the best first foodie anyone could ask for.

I am not much of a writer.  Actually, I’m not a writer at all which is why I don’t have a blog.  But this experience deserves to be shared.

I received my package on Thursday the 18th and it arrived at the perfect time because everyone was gathered at my house for lunch and they all got to watch me open it.

Right off the bat, the smell of fresh rosemary overtook me.  It was as if Dana (my first foodie pen pal and writer of this blog) knew exactly what I liked.

The first thing I pulled out was that large packet of peanuts.  I almost swooned. When I was a child, my dad would bring home peanuts and we would sit in front of the TV (him watching his westerns and me reading a book), crack them open one at a time and eat them.  We always made a huge mess and mom would make a fuss about it, then sit down and join us.  I love when food brings back to good memories.

I have to say I have eaten a lot of peaches in my day.  Fresh peaches, canned peaches, jammed peaches, peach preserves.  My community basically lives for canning, and peaches are a favorite around here.  But I have never tasted anything like these preserves from Georgia. Yes, those are peach preserves hiding behind the tea. Sorry, horrible picture.  But I think I might be ruined for all those other peach-related foods from now on.  Nothing is going to compare.  It was fabulous.

I have yet to try the tea, although my daughter thought they were pretty colors and almost wouldn’t let me have them, or the salsa yet.  I am making nacho bake next week, and the salsa will be a perfect addition.  Can’t wait.

Most of the rosemary went into the freezer, but I used a couple sprigs for my famous homemade chicken noodle soup.  It made my rainy day not seem so gloomy.

Thank you, Dana, for my first Pen Pal.  I enjoy talking to you, and I hope we can keep in touch.

My October Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

Dana’s package from Suzi

The way the Foodie Pen Pal program works, you are paired with someone to send food to, and someone else to receive a package from. I sent a package to Candi, and a lady named Suzi sent a package to me. I was working late on campus the day it arrived, and I was psyched when Amanda texted me to say there was a package for me.

My Foodie Pen Pal package!

And y’all… Suzi did not disappoint. I opened the package to find Halloween-themed Snickers and Reese’s pumpkins (like the eggs, but autumnal). I made quick work of those, and the Cadbury chocolate bar is in my fridge, waiting to get me through a writing funk or a movie night.

I had never tried the Terra chips that Suzi sent, and those things are delicious. They’re chips made from various root vegetables, and they don’t have quite the heavy feeling of potato chips. They’re salty and crispy and more delicate feeling. They paired great with an Italian sub we got from local favorite, Bella Napoli.

This weekend, as Hurricane Sandy pelted our house with wind and rain, I made us an impromptu lunch of leftover green beans, leftover chicken wings, sliced apple, and a dish of those PB & J nuts from Trader Joe’s (LOVE Trader Joe’s!). That nut mix is delicious – dried cranberries, almonds, peanuts, peanut butter chips, and little peanut butter cups. It’s addictive.

I’m excited to break into those cocoa packets when cooler weather arrives, and the spice blend and popcorn salt (White Cheddar, thank you very much) are queued up in my spice cabinet, just ready to take me to salty, savory bliss.

If you’re interested in joining the Foodie Pen Pal program, follow the link for more information on how to sign up. You sign up on a month-to-month basis, send a package no later than the 15th of each month, and then write a blog post (or a guest post… or nothing – no obligatory writing here) about the experience. It’s a simple, fun way to connect with bloggers, readers, and people who, like you and me, tend to think with our stomachs.

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