Thankful Foodie: Day 1

This is it, people! We’re officially in the short-term countdown to Thanksgiving. Three days till turkey, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, sweet potato casserole, my mom’s sausage stuffing (well, her recipe, at least), apple pie, deviled eggs, mimosas, turkey, yummy breakfast while watching the Parade, turkey brine from Williams Sonoma, turkey sandwiches, and naps, naps, naps.

Sloth and gluttony:  two of my favorite deadly sins.

And in my lead-up to Thanksgiving Day, I thought it would be fun to be not only an industrious (and strictly scheduled) foodie, but also a thankful one.

(Can I just pause for a second? I have to say that I detest the word “foodie.” It reminds me of “footie,” those socks ladies use to try on shoes at the shoe store. The ones you always punch a toe through or that slouches down into the shoe. Pointless little Lycra pockets that we search for in their containers that look like tissue boxes. This is what comes to mind when I think “foodie.” Alas, I am trapped by language. It’s all I have. So foodie I shall be, though it brings me little pleasure.)

Today, I’m listing Three Thanks in the Kitchen:  in my kitchen, I am thankful for my cast-iron cookware, my whisk, and my KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

Cast-Iron Cookware

I had long coveted a cast-iron skillet before I got one last year for Christmas. And since receiving that wonderful gift, I have used it for cinnamon rolls, oven-roasted okra, crispy lemon-garlic-rosemary chicken, peach pound cake, and the perfectly browned grilled turkey-proscuitto-goat cheese-fig jam sandwiches that I love so much. I always heard every Southern girl must have a cast-iron skillet, but I think it’s not true:  every person, man or woman, Southern or Yankee or international or Midwestern, rich or poor, every one should have a cast-iron skillet.

For our anniversary this year, Amanda got me my second piece of cast-iron cookware:  a beautiful red Dutch oven. It’s gorgeous. It’s shiny, enamel, and fire engine red, which makes me feel sassy and rebellious, like red nail polish does. The sassiest damn cook you ever saw. Or not. But the point is, that Dutch oven allows me to do so many things:  pot roast in the oven, chili in the oven, soups and stews, fried cabbage, you name it.

Cast-iron cookware requires extra mindfulness to keep clean and care for, but it’s well worth it to have such wonderful tools to use.

My Whisk

How could I be Whisks & Words without my whisk? I need my whisk for so many things:  whipping up perfectly airy scrambled eggs, scraping the brown bits from the bottom of a frying pan when making a raspberry glaze (as I did tonight), frothing up heated milk for a foamy hot chocolate, or perfectly mixing my pancake batter for breakfast in the mornings.

I named my blog Whisks & Words because 1) a whisk helps beat air into whatever you’re stirring, and my writing needs life and verve and air and emotion beaten into it; and 2) because my raw ingredients are words, and words reflect that verve and air and life and emotion. They go hand in hand for me, whether I’m writing about a go-go dancer or an old lady making banana bread, whether I’m blogging or reviewing a book. And that whisk has come to be so much more to me than just a simple kitchen tool. It’s part of my way of life.

Whisks & Words

My KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I would like to go on the record officially:  I fell in love with Amanda before she bought a KitchenAid stand mixer. I am not marrying her for her mixer.

But let’s face facts:  I wanted a KitchenAid Stand Mixer since I was sixteen years old. I used to have a goal to have disgustingly wealthy friends so that they could come to my wedding, for which I would register for a stand mixer, and get it, and mix things, and live a happy life.

But now, I have one of my very own for perfectly creaming eggs and sugar, or kneading bread dough, or folding chocolate with whipped cream.

KitchenAid background.

It makes a beautiful background in photos, especially since it’s sort of mirror-like.

Reflection on Peach Pies

And I love, love, love, love, love it!

So there you have it:  Day One for this Thankful Foodie, sending out Three Thanks in the Kitchen. 

What kitchen gadgets, ingredients, decor, heirlooms, or tools are you thankful for?

This post is part of NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. Check out other great posts at BlogHer and yeah write.

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