Thankful Foodie: Day Two

Dinner for my roommates | Pic by Andrea Nolan

I’m struggling to be truly thankful for blogging and NaBloPoMo, which is tricky because I had intended to write something to that effect.

But I’ve got a dinner reservation in an hour, I’ve been on the go since 6am, and my Internet is being slow. So that post isn’t happening tonight.

I am, however, thankful for one very significant activity in my life that plays a part in blogging:  I am thankful for cooking.

Today, I finished my grading marathon of 70 papers, 19 exams, and 70 Reading Responses. It took awhile, at times it was defeating, but mostly it was okay. Just time-consuming.

But today I finished and then got a haircut, then read a magazine and watched half an episode of 30 Rock. And then, I got cooking.

I find cooking incredibly therapeutic. I feel at home and at ease in the kitchen. Amanda once told me that I cook with a sort of quiet confidence, and I like to think that (most of the time) that’s true. It’s a serene place where I am in control and confident.

Every once in awhile, I have a Julie Powell-style breakdown. But those are rare(-ish) and usually funny afterwards.

Fish tacos: one of my favorite things to cook with my honey.

I cook to provide for myself and my family and friends. I cook to nourish. I cook to relax. I cook to learn and experiment. I cook to comfort and console. I cook to reward myself for a long day of work. I cook to find balance and clarity in a world that is often far less predictable than the reaction I get from mixing butter, eggs, flour, and a few other magic ingredients to get cookies.

I cook because I started young. Or perhaps it’s more that I’m not afraid to cook because I started young.

I cook with joy and love. I cook the way I hug, which is to say that I try to funnel all my good thoughts and feelings and wishes through my hands and into the spoon or spatula, down into the ingredients, together into a dish, to transfer to whoever is eating my food.

And what’s more than all of this:  I love to cook. I love that it’s something I can do, that I’m not scared of it, that I feel adequately capable. I love sharing recipes and tips. I love learning from other people. I love looking at food photos and blogs and shows. I love the look on someone’s face when they eat something I made and like it. I love it when they take seconds, or thirds.

I love a large group gathered around my table. I love knowing which friends want more salt, which friends need a squeeze of lemon. I love knowing the perfect way to make pancakes for Amanda.

Food is one way I connect with the people around me. And it’s about nourishment, yes, but it’s also about so much more:  it’s about showing love to them, my way of loving the world, by telling it to sit down while I make it a sandwich.

This post is part of NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. Check out other great posts at BlogHer and yeah write.

One thought on “Thankful Foodie: Day Two

  1. Holy cow, that is a grading marathon! And you’re blogging on top of that? I’m impressed! I’ve never understood why people enjoy cooking and talking about it so much, but you articulated it beautifully. It’s wonderful to have something in your life that brings you so much joy – even better that it’s something that has to get done whether you like it or not.

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