12 Days of Cookies: Day Nine

Remember yesterday when I said that new bloggers should really get out there and read as many blogs as they can? During my campaign to start reading as many bloggers as I could find, particularly of the food ilk, I stumbled upon a periodic table, Shannon’s fantastic food blog. Shannon’s recipes and photos are lovely, lovely, lovely, and Shannon is a fun blogger to follow because of her vibrant personality and sense of humor. Seriously. You should go follow her on Facebook right now before you forget. 

Shannon emailed me yesterday to profusely apologize for getting her recipe and blog post to me last minute (ahem, a full 24 hours before the post went live, no big deal), and shared with me her colossally busy week thus far. I advised her to put her feet up and relax. And with the recipe she is sharing, I sort of believe she took my advice. (I hope!)

Lemon Poppyseed Ginger Biscotti

Post by Shannon Weber

Candied ginger, y'all. Want! | Photo by Shannon Weber
Candied ginger, y’all. Want! | Photo by Shannon Weber

You know what we all need right now? A nap, most likely. Maybe a little pre-holiday pep talk. I don’t know about you, but this week turned into Rush Week for me. No, I’m not pledging a sorority (heaven help us all, can you imagine?); “Rush Week” for me is that week that all the pre-holiday preparations culminate into one big, fat to-do list you must have completed by the end of the week. I usually have at least one breakdown during the week where I throw something at something else and refuse to finish.

Five minutes later, I recover and am back to it.

I am nearing the end of my rush week; cookie trays are made and distributed, my gingerbread house submission for Movita Beaucoup’s Ginger 2012 competition is done and being judged as I write this, and I am cleaning my house and wrapping presents in anticipation of my winter guests, who will be here in two days. I need a little bit of peace, and a little bit of recovery. We all do.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I need a little life time-out? Tea. Lemons. Ginger. A little snap, a little tart, a little heat – that’s all it takes to refocus and rejuvenate me. There’s something about those flavors that seem so soothing, especially this time of year. Since I am Dana’s “9th day of cookie” today, I wanted to share a treat which would be stress-free; a biscotti that’s easy to make, will make your kitchen smell lemon-heavenly, and would be perfect with a hot cup of tea.

Lemon glaze is the way to my heart. | Photo by Shannon Weber
Lemon glaze is the way to my heart. | Photo by Shannon Weber

Today, nine ladies may very well be dancing, because I give you lemon poppyseed ginger biscotti. I just recently got into making biscotti; my first attempt was a chocolate pistachio version that I absolutely loved. This would be its angelic counterpart; it’s packed with zingy candied ginger, speckled with poppy seeds, and the lemon flavor in this lovely little treat is amplified by the lemon glaze you throw over top of it. It tastes like a hug, and it pairs so, so well with tea (or even coffee) first thing in the morning or last thing at night; whenever you’re in need of a little biscotti TLC.

This recipe is special to me also because it is, technically, a gift. Earlier this December, I noticed a package I wasn’t expecting in my mailbox. I opened it, to find that my dear friend Movita Beaucoup had surprised me with an issue of what is a Beaucoup family tradition; the holiday issue of Canadian Living Magazine. People, that’s special. It’s an amazing magazine, and I would have had no idea it existed if not for the kindness of a fellow blogger (although truly, I call her just plain friend now.) In turn, I would have never known about this biscotti, and that would be a shame for all of us.

I made no changes to the recipe; it was perfect as written, making it easy for me, as I live in a world in which recipe alterations are a part of daily life. Here is the link, and please; browse around their site while you’re there; I guarantee you’ll find many other incredible recipes. Make these for yourself, or make these for any last-minute hostess gifts you may still need to create. They’re beautiful as they are, so tie them up with a bow and you’re off. I loved the flavor of these even more the second day, as the flavors had melded together.

Have an amazing holiday season, everyone.

The 12 Days of Cookies








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