ReadRightNow: August 26, 2013

I usually don’t know until Sunday night or Monday morning what my unifying direction will be in a ReadRightNow post. I gather articles over the span of a week, pick a few to share with you, and then organize them around a central idea.

This week’s idea:  I realized this weekend that I’m getting old.

I’m not old. Duh. I’m 28, and I’m healthy, and it’s all good. But comparatively speaking, I’m getting old. How do I know this?

1. Every time I work out, I feel like I need a nap, a massage, and to never work out again. It gets better, sure, but my feet and my hips have hurt all weekend because of working out.

2. I watched the VMAs on Sunday night, and instead of enjoying the performance (with noted exceptions of the dizzying Justin Timberlake/NSYNC fever dream and the touching performance by Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Mary Lambert), I found myself wanting to throw more clothes at Miley Cyrus and ask people to make more coherent, intelligent thank-you speeches. I’m officially too old for the MTV awards.

3. I got so excited over open-stock flatware being on sale at Cost Plus World Market that I was afraid I was drawing attention to myself. Not the good kind.

So in light of my new recognition of getting older, this week’s links are a collection of throw-backs to my youth, corrections on commonly accepted knowledge, and a look to the future.

ReadRightNow:  August 26, 2013

  • God bless BuzzFeed for their lists about nearly everything, including this delightful collection of 35 Signs You Grew Up in Atlanta. I identify with almost every one of the items on the list.
  • But you know what? Not everyone grew up in Atlanta. But in the spirit of the VMAs, and my recognition of getting older, and the absolute Twitter-Facebook-explosion of twenty-somethings (and beyond) squealing wit joy over a 30-second NSYNC reunion, I submit this list of 12 NSYNC Hits Updated for Their Now Twentysomething Fan Base.
  • What was on your required reading list in high school? I remember my teacher reading (out loud) to us The Red Badge of Courage (I slept through part of that – karma bit me in the ass with every student who slept through my classes), as well as FrankensteinBeowulf (an experience I got to repeat in college), Silas Marner, and come to think of it, Edith Wharton, Mary Shelley, and George Eliot were the only women we read. But now, we can also see how our required reading lists stacked up against those in the past.
  • Okay, so you know how you get a pack of chicken, and before cooking it, you wash and dry it? You know how Julia Child said to do it, and so therefore it was gospel (duh)? Apparently, you don’t have to wash chicken before you cook it, AND it’s actually considered more sanitary not to wash it. Mind blown.
  • This just in:  what you eat can affect your health. And an article on Huffington Post has alerted us, once again, to the truth that for longer life and better health, you should eat real food. So put down your Go-gurt and your morning Pop-Tart and have some fruit. Like, from the produce section.

And now, I’ll try to un-see the Miley Cyrus VMA performance and drink hot tea and read poetry because I’m old now, and that’s what I do.

6 thoughts on “ReadRightNow: August 26, 2013

  1. I need to rant about the VMAs. Miley was acting out, which was just SO predictable, but I’m fine with that. Because I think people should do whatever they want artistically, and I couldn’t care less about that stuff. (Unless you’re being mean or hateful.) Would I wear that outfit on tv? No. But if I had that bod, maybe I’d reconsider. Would I use that foam finger for… anything? No. And you couldn’t pay me enough to touch the one she was using last night.

    What I DID find offensive, was the number of Miley’s fellow artists in the audience who were eye rolling, yawning, and clearly too cool to even watch someone givin’ it her all. Whatever that all is. IN MY DAY, you supported your fellow artist, whether you thought she was full of crap or not. You didn’t sit in the front row looking at your cell phone, hoping the cameras would catch you not-giving-a-crap. All music is art. All dancing is cool. That’s a fact. Some of those people need schooling.

    Man. I’ve been waiting to say that all day. Thanks for letting me drop that on yah. I’m off, as per usual, to check out your recommendations!

    1. Look out! movita’s preaching! 🙂

      I was really disappointed at how unimpressed everyone in the audience was. It was like being at hipster Thanksgiving. Everyone is so bored with each other, which is why I think Jimmy Fallon’s bromancing of Justin Timberlake was so refreshing. (Also, mere mention of Dick in a Box is amazing.) It was artist-on-artist loving. And I loved it. (Lots of love. All over the place.)

  2. I’m nineteen, so I’m not old either, but I do feel it. I feel that pressure of not being able to blame things on being a child anymore… Gah. And I felt exactly the same way about Miley Cyrus’ behaviour on the VMAs. I didn’t think it was artistic, and I didn’t think it was inspiring for millions of impressionable young girls who look up to her. Does that make me old too? Hope not. But I enjoyed your lists and your blog post! 🙂

  3. i’m scared to comment now b/c of rachael. 🙂
    you know how i felt about that performance by ms. cyrus, because we tweeted about it together; and i would agree. support (or at the very least, an game face) should be given to other artists during a performance even if you don’t like it, because duh, the cameras are on you and you would want the same in return. polite support would have been nice. however, i can’t say that the incredulous/”what is she doing” faces were anything but maybe the result of being caught in the moment: my face probably mirrored that same expression, and not because i was trying to look bored or unimpressed. it takes a lot to shock me, but i had shocked face. i would for sure not have had disinterested face. that being said, i thought her performance lacked class and talent: i actually think she is more talented than that performance, if that makes sense. her whole attitude and demeanor during the VMA was very “i’m trying too hard to be this way,” so if i roll my eyes, it’s for the put-on. Lady Gaga was naked too, and i loved her performance.
    aaaaannnnnyway. 🙂 i’m sort of afraid to look at that reading list, because i have a little one who will someday be old enough for that to apply to, and if i am dissapointed, her teachers will never stop hearing about it from me. NEVER. also, i love when we have revelations as a community about things like food: wait…you say REAL fruits and vegetables are the best thing? not genetically preserved low-carb processed food in a box? really?!?! nuts…who would have thought. 😉 it’s like how many times we’ve gone back and forth about eggs being an angel or devil food. exhausting. i can say this: i’ve made it a huge point in the past month or so to cut out (except for a spoonful of taste-testing for the blog and some birthday cake) all refined sugar and processed foods. i feel FABULOUS. and not at all deprived. last week, i did my shopping for meals, spent under $50, and 95% of it was purchased in the produce aisle. i was happy. it was great. lots to be said about eating that way, i think.
    longest. comment. ever. i win.

    1. Haha, you are the winner! I think you nailed it with the VMA performance, though as I look back, the whole night was a bit odd. You had those big moments – for me, the JT performance, Gaga, and the Same Love performance, which really moved me; I had goosebumps and felt so warm about the progress made in that performance being featured – but then the rest of the night was a bunch of bored celebrities handing out trophies to other bored celebrities. Disappointing, and I’m happy to say, it’s not a trend I’ve seen carry over into the writing world. Typically, we still get all geeked out about watching other writers do their thing.

      Now, this refined sugar and processed food thing – my first thought was, duh. My second thought was, Michael Pollan. My third was, holy crap, I do this, more or less. I have a weak spot for bread and desserts, but I’m thrilled when the majority of my grocery shopping happens in the produce aisle.

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