Sewing: Wine Bottle Tote Bag

photo (10)You know that feeling when you’re all like, “I want to bring a bottle of wine, but I have no specially made bag to carry it in”?

Me too. Enter my latest sewing project.

Y’all, I have a friend who jumped into sewing and immediately started making clothes (in fact, you can buy her adorable girls’ jumpers here). I jumped in and started on dolls, which are fun but are also time-consuming and exacting. The work is small, the stitches doing so much work, and the detail can become a bit tiring.

During my sock monkey marathon this week, I took a break to make this truly easy project:  a wine bottle tote bag. This is a great gift for the holidays (just stick a bottle of someone’s favorite wine in there and you’re good), but they’re also nice to have on hand for when you’re carting a bottle of vino to parties.

I used a heavier, home decor fabric (similar to one I would use for napkins) so that it would feel durable enough. If you want to use a lighter fabric, make sure you use interfacing to strengthen the fabric.

I’m sharing this tutorial from Pretty Prudent because, as I’ve said, trying to take pictures while sewing is beyond my abilities right now. But I do want to add one little suggestion:  I used a zig-zag stitch as recommended when constructing the bag and its bottom, and that worked great for the most part, but I would recommend reinforcing the gusset with a straight stitch, too. When I tested the bag with a bottle of wine, the zig-zag stitches seemed to pull; a straight stitch over top provides just the needed level of insurance without making too much extra work. We don’t want the bag to break and all that wine to go to waste. No. No one wants that.

So if you need a gift for somebody, or a palate cleansing project, or even just a good first project to start with, consider this one. It’s easy, quick (I did it in a couple of hours), and gratifying. And you’ll solve that pesky problem of what to carry your wine in!

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