Slow Sunday Jam 12.29.2013

Here we are, at the last Slow Sunday Jam for 2013. I have to say, I really enjoy the weekly ritual of collecting the things I’ve enjoyed reading during a particular week and sharing them with you, and hearing your responses to them.

Like last week’s installment, this week is a bit scattered. I had a great many holiday-themed articles that I enjoyed, but now that Christmas has passed, and we are looking toward a new year, it seems best to let the Slow Sunday Jam move right along with that flow.

So here’s this week’s jumbled grab-bag of articles I enjoyed. Here’s to a new year full of good reading and discussion!

Slow Sunday Jam

2 thoughts on “Slow Sunday Jam 12.29.2013

  1. i’ve long held the belief that mister rogers was the best person ever to exist on the planet. not even kidding. you rarely see someone so utterly open and willing to give of themselves without expecting anything in return, except for people to be good people and kind to each other, and having no personal or political agenda to promote at the same time. Except to be good. who cares what you look like, who you love, whatever: he did not care. just be nice and love yourself. i love that.
    i’m bookmarking the article about sleep and stress: i saw a buzzfeed slide show yesterday about procrastinators (i love that i’m relating a BF slide show to an actual real article) but one of the slides was about taking a nap when you have 180 things to do. I do this sometimes: like it’s all too much and i hide inside my sleep or something, so i’ll be interested to see what the article says.

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