Slow Sunday Jam 1.19.2014

When this post reaches you, I will likely be whining about having to get out of bed. I will be laughing over sore muscles on my first tentative steps out of bed. I’ll be thinking of food and coffee and lounging for the rest of the day to recuperate from the Tinker Bell 10K, which was yesterday.

The race has been only one of the things on my mind. I started back to work this week – back in my regular routine of getting up, writing, reading, thinking. It’s been slow to get back into the groove after taking over a month away from any sustained writing activity.

It’s often said that working on several projects at once is the way to go, and I tend to agree. Why box yourself in with one project, come Hell or high water, if you can rather let your writerly energy flow from project to project, answering whatever voice talks the most clearly, the loudest, to you on any given day? It seems a positive, kinetic way to write – to follow energy, to be working on anything rather than stuck on working on a difficult something.

But as with anything, it can have its down side. There can be too many voices to listen to. It can lead to a stop in productivity. I can get stuck in the “supposed to”:  the very rut of obligation that this multi-project approach is designed to prevent. I’ve found myself too easily sucked into dumb articles on Facebook. By afternoon, the urge to bake cookies becomes so strong that I must drink peppermint tea and listen to French jazz and try to relax.

My Dove Promises chocolate yesterday actually told me to close my eyes and relax. My candy knows I’m too spun up, trying to split in too many directions.

So after the race this weekend, when I get back to my desk on Tuesday, that is the goal. To relax. More than that, to relax into the work. To go where it leads me. To be flexible. I’m a planner; relaxing and being flexible do not come naturally. But my hope is that the multiple voices – the multiple directions – can come to be a blessing rather than a curse.

But for now, I embrace the split-brain, and I allow it to spill over into this Slow Sunday Jam, which is once again a bit scattered.

Slow Sunday Jam

View from giant sand dune on PCH - taken 1.12.14
View from giant sand dune on PCH – taken 1.12.14

4 thoughts on “Slow Sunday Jam 1.19.2014

  1. you better have your feet up today. not kidding; so proud of you!

    i want to comment at length on all of your things today, but that would take forever, and lots of words. and i want to take the time to read things and think about them, so for now:

    1. TOAST. i’m all over that, although i don’t know how i feel about it becoming a food trend. no secret i’m an emo eater, and if there’s bread in the house and i’m super upset? toast actually calms me down in a way nothing else can. TOAST.

    2. memoirs: are something i’ve pondered since James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces years ago, b/c i read it/loved it prior to controversy, then controversy happened, and this whole idea of what a memoir is and isn’t has been in the back of my mind ever since. definitely taking the time to read that.

    3. since i’ve lived in the same place my whole life, i do wonder what it’s like to live elsewhere, in particular big cities like NYC and if i’d really like it or if it IS worth it, etc. like the pros and cons. another one i’m going to read.

    4. great, Dana, wonderful: now i have tears streaming down my face at 9 am because i had not seen that ad, but i just watched it, and about 4 seconds into robin williams’ voice and i was done. because i love that movie: still one of my favorites. in other news, i am FAR too emotional of a person. not that this is any surprise, as i cried all through the holidays at the iphone commercial where the sullen teen is on his phone all the time and it turns out he was actually videoing his family, and then he shows them, and they think he was ignoring him all the time, and his mom starts crying…oh god here i go again. seriously. imbalanced. you know when i started noticing an increase in the emotions? WHEN I STARTED WRITING. *all the feelings*

    1. Thanks, lady! I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, even days later. I have to say, the day after the race, I was okay, but the day of? Holy crap. I had to just lie in bed. Amanda had to keep reminding me to hydrate because my body was just a zone of jagged discomfort. Much better the next day.

      1. Toast is the ultimate comfort food.

      2. I really love that Dani Shapiro makes a clear distinction using James Frey’s book – the difference between fiction passed off as fact, history/biography, and memoir. I found it so useful.

      3. Word.

      4. Okay, so, all the feels. Right? I swoon every time I see that commercial, but really, I think if the writing is bringing that out in us, it’s a good thing. We’re not writing technical copy; we’re writing human experience, and for that, we need our humanity (and very human emotions) at hand. So I say YES to all that emotion! 🙂

  2. The price of lobster makes my current home worth it! I’d never had lobster before I moved to Maine, because seafood prices in the Midwest are just stupid expensive. Also… poutine? No just kidding, that’s the opposite of worth it to me.

    1. Oh my goodness – I visited Maine (Falmouth, I think), and I was astonished how inexpensive lobster was. We walked up the street to the little general store, bought lobster caught THAT DAY, and then used water from the bay (you know, outside the front door) to steam them. And it was all AMAZING. I don’t envy the snow you must be buried under, but that lobster is good stuff.
      Also, warm thoughts to you!!

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