Slow Sunday Jam 1.26.2014

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about time management – namely, what do I give my time over to? What do I allow to occupy brain space? Does that thing deserve to take up the amount of time I’m giving it? And am I willing to sacrifice my writing time to attend to it?

Some things are no-brainers. Tea with a friend. Chatting with my wife. Exercising. Those are the things that I gladly give time to. But other things – maybe clicking on ALL the Facebook articles, watching videos, indulging in self-defeat/self-criticism, getting easily spun-up over things that don’t really matter – those things don’t deserve the time that I find myself giving to them.

This week, when I looked at my favorite articles of the week (the articles that, yes, I found on FB – I’m a work on progress), I found that I actually had the makings of a perfect workday, one that struck a balance in distribution between exercise, reading, writing, food and drink, and diversion – one that focused on positive activities, and positive output, rather than negative. It’s a lot of articles this week, but they all come together to make a well-balanced workday.

Slow Sunday Jam

6 thoughts on “Slow Sunday Jam 1.26.2014

  1. i need brain time/ reading time to absorb all of this: you know when the only link i instantly commit to is the Starbucks name one, that i’m not in the right zone to read anything serious. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to give a fake name, btw: because i can have a soft voice at times (especially in loud starbucks), it always comes out “sharon.” it bothers me. Now i sort of want to say “space cowboy” also, just for fun. Although you know they’d ask you to repeat that and then all the fun would be zapped away.
    i needed to read this today about distractions and time management and life and priorities. i’m having issues with that recently – feeling the pull of that downward, wintery time that seems to zap the life out of me until i’m a quivering blob staring at my phone for hours on end, and for what? Facebook updates i’ve already seen? emails that i’ve read or could wait until later? Instagram photos that could definitely wait? i need to cool it: tech – the little kind, not the big blog kind – is starting to physically wear on me, at least right now, and it’s taking away from the good stuff, like productivity and writing and DOING THINGS. this helps, mostly b/c i know i’m not the only one questioning myself.

    1. I gave you SO much to read through this week – the whole time I was like, “This is too much,” and then I was like, “DO IT ANYWAY!” I should be studied.
      But I’m totally with you on balancing technology. I know you and I have talked about that need to move away from it before, and to find balance. I’m working on figuring out ways to do it, but it’s such a work in progress.
      PS Totally love that you would use a fake Starbucks name. It’s never occurred to me to do it until now. I’d be so tempted to try something mysterious and exciting (to me). Like Veronica. But then it might defeat the purpose. They’d probably just write Monica or something. And so it goes.

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