Slow Sunday Jam 2.23.2014

With my wife being gone so much for military duty, I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways I take care of myself when she’s gone. When she’s here, of course, things are different:  we can rely on each other, we are accountable to one another, and we set our scheduled in tandem. But when she’s gone, it’s a whole other story, for her and for me.

I have tended towards two possible directions:  the first is to take good care of myself, exercising, seeing friends, working hard, and eating well; the second is to have a few days of wallowing, to order pizza, binge-watch TV shows on Netflix, and generally act like a teenager whose parents have gone away on vacation, left her $50, and asked her to remember to take the dog for walks.

And the conclusion that I’ve come to is that both directions are valid. And really, it will always be a toss-up, not just from one period of time to another, but from one day to the next, which will prevail.

This week’s Slow Sunday Jam encompasses both of these directions, putting health, work, entertainment, and food all right next to each other, showing that both approaches to living solo are ultimately just fine.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Speaking of a yummy breakfast – I shared a super delicious, somewhat healthy steel-cut oatmeal recipe this week. It’s Sunday morning; go make something good happen in your kitchen.

South Lake Tahoe, CA
South Lake Tahoe, CA

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