Slow Sunday Jam 3.9.14

I have always wanted to be one of those people who can write while traveling. I have tried before – writing on the road when we PCS’d cross-country; writing in my old bedroom at my mom’s house; writing on friends’ couches or in desk chairs in hotel rooms. The success rate is hit or miss.

This week, I traveled to San Diego. I rode down via Amtrak on the first of a string of uncharacteristically rainy days. Amtrak recently made super huge waves in the writing community by announcing that it is developing writing residencies aboard long-distance routes; writers can receive free fare in exchange for writing for the duration of their travel.

I was prepared to write on my trip; I had articles to pound out for Food Riot, and a story knocking around in my brain. But instead of writing, I sat next to a delightfully chatty lady from Anaheim, and we talked about family and natural remedies of healing illness and food and art and writing. I spent half of my train ride talking with her, and when she left, I told myself it was time for business.

I took out my notebook, put in my earbuds, and closed out the rest of the train. But in the end, all I could do was read a book I’m reviewing, and stare out the window, and take pictures of the rain and the ocean.

photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (10)

Once in San Diego, I came down with a nasty chest cold. While Amanda went to work each morning, I stayed in bed and coughed and generally felt sorry for myself. But once the worst of it passed, I ventured out. I wandered off base to the local Panera, and I got a hot cup of tea. The cashier recommended the mango ceylon tea to soothe my scratchy throat. And I sat, and I wrote.

There’s a magic feeling, the recognition of a small miracle, when writing happens during travel. The slow mornings, the beautiful surroundings (Coronado is a slice of picturesque SoCal Heaven), the tea, the quiet, the solitude – it all made for writing, and that made me happy.

So this week, for the Slow Sunday Jam, I’m sharing articles I read this week that made me happy to be a writer.

Slow Sunday Jam

Side note:  I’m now a Contributing Editor at Food Riot (woot!!), and this week, I was over there talking about the merits of eating in the car, how to get started with eating seasonally, and really impressive crocheted foods. Check it out!

photo 3 (4)

5 thoughts on “Slow Sunday Jam 3.9.14

  1. 1. Congrats, Contributing Editor!
    2. I find ANY writing to be miraculous these days – whether travelling or not.
    3. Your photos are right purdy like.
    4. Email was just starting to get big when I was in university. Professors began telling us we could email our papers if we wished, but I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I couldn’t figure out how our words managed to travel along telephone wires, so there was no freakin’ way I was gunna trust outer space to deliver my essays for me.

    1. Thanks on all counts! And I hear you. I resisted the online submission system for awhile. I’m one of those who has very romantic notions about the postal service. I like envelopes and stamps and stationery. I love to write letters. And I place a great amount of trust in mailboxes.

  2. I love letters and letter writing, but even more so, I love stamps. I miss all the hours I used to spend curating my stamp collection:) Congrats on Food Riot! Also, I really love your rainy day photos.

    1. Thanks so much! I love stamps too, but I’ve never had a collection. It seems like such a lovely way to mark the passage of time, to watch the price of postage climb, bit by bit.

  3. great articles on Food Riot! i especially (and unsurprisingly) loved the crocheted food one the most. it’s probably by divine intervention that i’m too busy to learn to crochet, or that would happen versus getting other things done. 🙂
    that infographic about drinking/writing is SO spot-on! before i even clicked on it, i was going to be all “but drinking makes me all thinky, wait!” but evidently that’s normal. I think drinking is definitely for making (sometimes buzzy) notes about ideas which pop into your head, and morning coffee is for fleshing those ideas out. although one could argue that this morning is a deadline, i’ve had coffee, and yet CAN NOT write, means i should have had wine last night and made notes about the thing i’m not able to write about today? Probably. 🙂
    you didn’t even have to spell out SASE for me: i totally remember when that was a common thing to say. “SAY-zee.” because, eighties and nineties.
    it really would be lovely to be able to automatically write when you travel. each time i travel somewhere, i have big designs on how much i’ll be able to be inspired, write wonderful things, etc. it never happens; i’m always distracted, but then again, i’m always traveling with or to someone. i think if i were to travel alone i would have a higher success rate. and it’s so nice that you thought of your travel mate as “delightfully chatty.” you’re more tolerant than i, who would be all “grrrr. stop” about it.

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