Let’s All Do a Write-a-Thon, Okay?

IMG_7535When I wrote about my September Write-a-thon, I was so happy with the response I got. Other bloggers, old friends (and fellow writers), all seized on the hint I dropped in my post:  they offered to write along with me on the next one. And that made me think:  WHY DON’T WE ALL WRITE TOGETHER ON THE NEXT ONE?

I’ll be doing my next Write-a-thon October 16-18. I start mine at 3:30pm on Friday the 16th, and I keep on until noon on Sunday the 18th. Not quite 48 hours, and with one clear goal:  write a new draft.

The goal of a Write-a-thon is to get out of your normal box. Work on something that’s different from your normal day-to-day. Maybe you’re a novelist who wants to get a short story draft done. Maybe you’re a poet working on a collection, and you need to get some new material going in a different direction. Maybe you want to switch genres. Or maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve been able to write, and you just want to get a draft, of whatever your chosen genre is, done. This is that time. This is your weekend.

My schedule allows me to start on the 16th, but adjust as you need to. Try to give yourself two days – the weekend – however that shakes out for you. I’ll be doing a series of posts leading up to the weekend with tips for preparation, encouragement to share, and well wishes for all the happy writing dust we can get.

And then, of course, I’ll be going underground for the weekend to write.

Let’s do this. Let’s carve out the time, let’s have our weekend, and let’s get a draft cranked out, shall we? Who’s with me?

5 thoughts on “Let’s All Do a Write-a-Thon, Okay?

  1. I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS! With one issue: my October write-a-thon with you will be at about half-mast since I’ll need to work a ton that weekend. BUT! In November I will request off and even get myself a hotel room and go all in with you. Sound good? I love this. More people!

  2. how perfect is it that – in getting back into blog reading (and writing) – this is the first post I see! It must mean i’m meant to do this with you, and as it happens, the 16th-18th is the weekend we’re going away for a long weekend at a nearby lake: IT IS THE PERFECT TIME/LOCATION FOR ME TO SPEND TIME WRITING OUT OF MY NORMAL BOX. i yelled that out of excitement: consider me a writing buddy for that weekend. I’m in!

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