My First NaNoWriMo

I blogged a few months ago about my goal for finishing my book. After a few years of writing, completing a few drafts, learning from them, starting over again, it’s time. And so I set myself a goal of January 1. And then I revised it to January 31. And now…. y’all, it’s looking grim. I’m nowhere near on track.

I’ve added characters, taken away characters, come up with a totally revised plot, introduced new sources of tension – I’ve conceived of a heavily revised book, but I’m still at square one, which means I’m not running on schedule at all.

For several years, I’ve wanted to do National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. But the timing was never right – I was working or traveling or in the middle of a draft already. But it occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that this November is kind of perfect. I’m ready to start a new draft, which means I’m starting at a word count of zero. Yes, I’m traveling, but a lot of people do. Yes, I have busy stuff in my life, but again, everybody’s busy. I talked to Amanda, I talked to my mom, I talked to a friend who had done NaNo before. From every direction, the answer was yes. Do this.

So I’m listening. I’m committing to writing 50,000 words in the month of November. I’m getting back on track to finish my book. I will admit that while I’m excited about it, I’m also nervous. I want to win, I want to succeed, but I also realize that life does have a way of throwing curve balls, and I feel I’ve been catching more than my share lately. My desire to win, and my determination to finish this book, have to trump those curve balls.

Like Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods, I’m “excited AND scared.” (It’s really perfect how everything in life leads back to Into the Woods, isn’t it?)

This means that I’ll be taking a break from blogging in November so I can focus on the book. No Write-a-thon weekends, no blog posts, and I’ll update My Reading Month in December. Wish me luck! I hope to bring back a good report when it’s all over!

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