Let’s Start with News

My last post was in very early December, and then I went radio silence. The very wise and excellent Nicole Gulotta wrote on her blog, Eat This Poem (which is fantastic – writers and people who love food, you should follow it), when announcing her own pregnancy, that when a blogger goes silent for a long period of time, it frequently means one thing:  said blogger is pregnant. I read that blog post last year as I was going through fertility treatments, a long, difficult process. And I felt like, gasp! Nicole knows! Of course she didn’t, but the journey to pregnancy can be so solitary, so secret and complicated, that reading her words made me feel like she had shined a light, however briefly, on my own journey. I wanted to write to her about it, but felt like I couldn’t. Not yet. (So, you know, what better way than here on my blog, right?)

But at the risk of revealing the good news too slowly, news that I’m already tardy in sharing, here it is! I’m pregnant! 28 weeks! We’re expecting a little boy in August!


I found out over Thanksgiving, when I was back in Georgia surrounded by family (except for Amanda, who was away on a boat). I got to enjoy a very healthy appetite over that holiday, and it wasn’t until I got back home to California, staring down three more weeks before Amanda came home, that morning sickness set in. Not morning, y’all. All day, lay-on-the-couch, watch-How-I-Met-Your-Mother-reruns, only-escape-into-sleep nausea.

Blog about food? Ha! I barely ate. Blog about books? Ha! I could barely lift my head to read. So, that was that.

And now, well, I’m into my third trimester, and I have a super healthy appetite and a healthy baby kicking and rolling around in my big ol’ belly. And I now have a new kitchen to cook up sweet treats and healthy meals in because we moved across the country last month.

Y’all. How many times have I wished on this blog for “normal” trees? For rain? For “normal” birds? I am happy to report that in the three weeks that we’ve been in Maryland, I’ve seen more rain than I did in all three years I lived in California. Otis and I happily watch cardinals and blue jays and cat birds and robins hang around the backyard, flitting from pine to oak to pine again. There are azaleas out front, and a bunny lives in the backyard.

backyard bunny

My reading life has slowed, as has the cooking and the writing. But a good slow. A slow that allows me to be a bit quiet, to take my time and think and be present. The last six months have been so full of changes, and I only look forward to more changes ahead. But I took great comfort today in coming back home to this blog, which was unchanged, to share my joyful news, to pick up where I left off.

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