My Reading Month: May 2016

May Book PileYou guys! I finally have a Reading Month to speak of!

This is a big deal to me. Back in February/March, a friend who I used to do book club with asked me to verify an ugly truth she had noticed on Goodreads:  had I really only read two books for the year so far? Her dismay was warranted; in the time she had known me, I usually read multiple books in the span of a month. I had a long list of books to report on when I showed up at our Any Book Book Club. So, two?

Of course, she’s a mother, so when I explained that I’d been under the oppressive lead blanket of exhaustion and nausea, she understood.

But the truth was, the number bothered me, too. Only two books? I wanted to do more. I missed that part of myself, the part that read books and had energy and could walk down the cheese aisle of the grocery store without having to avert her eyes or risk heaving in the middle of the store. I missed updating my monthly reading life here; I missed having a monthly reading life.

So to now have read two whole books in one month, and have another nearly finished, is a huge deal for me! I’m back, baby! And I’m excited to tell you what I read in May. Here’s hoping for a couple more months of good reading time before Baby Day comes and I once again have to scale back my reading life.

Currently Reading

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein

My Reading Month:  May 2016

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by Diane Weissinger – Last year, when I was trying to get pregnant, Wallace over at Book Riot did a great video of books she found helpful during her pregnancy, and this was one of them. And it’s easy to see why – it’s a very thorough source of information, encouragement, and tips on breastfeeding. I learned so much! It’s one where you don’t have to necessarily finish the whole thing in one reading – you can dip in as new sections become relevant to your situation. And as it’s all presented without judgment, you can find what works for you and your family, and leave the rest. A great resource.

Displacement:  A Travelogue by Lucy Knisley – I so enjoyed Lucy Knisley’s graphic memoir, Relish:  My Life in the Kitchen, when I read it last year, and I was really excited when, on my first trip to my new (to me) local library here in Maryland, I found a Knisley book I hadn’t read! This book was a quick read, but it has some chew to it. When Knisley’s very elderly grandparents (in their 90s) sign up for a cruise, the family is left trying to figure out how they’ll manage, who could go with them, what to do. Knisley volunteers to go, and in the process, finds a new closeness with them, but also, a new distance, too. An intimate look at mortality, aging, memory, anxiety, and family, this book is bittersweet through and through.

Before we part ways for now, let me rave to you for a moment about the Litsy app. Brenna (another awesome contributor for Book Riot) summed this app up perfectly:  it’s as “if Instagram and Goodreads had a perfect baby.” It’s all bookish, utilizes photos and quotes, allows you to build a to-be-read list, as well as a list of books you’ve read or are currently working on, and it uses a game system, so you’re trying to up your Litfluence score by reading more, posting about it, and engaging with your fellow book nerds. If you’re not on it yet (so far it’s iOS only – sorry), definitely check it out and then add me (DanaStaves).

Here’s to a happy, sunny, book-filled June!

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