Unapologetically Phoning It In | #NaBloPoMo

When Amanda and I made our to-do list for the weekend, I added “make cookies.” No real plan, just a vague sense that I needed cookies in my life. And I thought, well hey, I’ll blog about whatever I make. I’ll consider for awhile, and think of some connections, and blog that. I believed (silly me) that I still lived in a pre-baby world of daydreamy brainstorming and recipe searching.

I have been reminded of the actual world I live in.

My baby, you see, has had other plans, fighting naps, fussing for no reason, passing through emotional responses – stormy to clear, sad to happy and back again.

So I got through what I could, baked my cookies, threw some chicken in the crockpot (maybe I’ll blog this, I thought). I tried not to make lists in my mind of the things that were being neglected today:  shower, blog post, brushing the cat, yet another item on a great never ending to-do list. Instead, I made my weekly phone call to my dad while Amanda entertained Gus.

And then, a magical thing happened:  Gus laughed for the first time while Amanda played with him. I heard my baby laugh, and Amanda and I just looked at each other, confirming what we had just heard.

So I’m unapologetically phoning it in today. But I want to leave you with these Chewy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars, which I did manage to throw together, partly during one of Gus’s mini-naps, partly while wearing him in the Moby, puttering around the kitchen with him strapped to my chest. These bars are soft and fragrant and the chocolate chips are perfect, somehow shining through as the star of the bar.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be joining my wife in doing every silly thing we can think of to make the baby laugh, and laugh, and laugh. 

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