Thursday Thanks:  The Non-Food Traditions | #NaBloPoMo

I had intended to do a post today about staging and organization to really level-up for Thanksgiving prep, but it got away from me. (Very bad start to the Thanksgiving leveling-up mission. I shall endeavor to get better.)

But instead, I want to talk about another form of Thanksgiving prep that can get overlooked:  the non-food traditions. When you’re in the kitchen, whipping up all that food, it can be easy to lose sight of all the people gathered. Even if it’s just your small family or group of friends, it’s important to remember those faces gathered around your table. 

Some people go for walks. Some do as my sister and I used to do, spreading Black Friday ads out on the floor and making our master shopping plan. Some play football. 

In our house, after the bird goes in the oven, we begin the day with the Macy’s Parade and a plate of scones and a pitcher of mimosas. Once Santa makes his appearance, we start the rest of the cooking while the dog show plays in the background. 

I have said for years that watching the dog show makes me want to watch Best In Show. When I told my mom this last year, she just looked at me weird, but really, I need the spoof of the real thing. It’s a Thanksgiving movie if ever I saw one. 

And when we’ve eaten and maybe taken a walk, and the kitchen is back to order, we haul out the Christmas decorations. I have told Amanda several times that I want to do that part early this year, but lo, we will wait. I think. We’ll see. 

So while planning and prepping for your meal is important, it’s also important to plan and prep for the non-food traditions. Give that favorite apron a fresh wash.  Place a bookmark on your favorite scone recipe. Set your DVD of Best in Show out on the coffee table so everyone knows it is happening. Make sure your lucky football chair is in the right place, if that’s your jam. And think about your family, your friends, your guests – what tradition will let you bask in the warmth with them?

I’m adding one new tradition this year, one that is in the works. I’m fortunate enough to have food on my table and loved ones by my side, but not everyone does. As part of my prep, I want to find a way to help someone else. 

What about you? What are your non-food traditions on Thanksgiving?

One thought on “Thursday Thanks:  The Non-Food Traditions | #NaBloPoMo

  1. We watch Elf after the meal to kick off the holiday season. I know it’s completely juvenile, but it’s also silly and fun…and people who are far too serious need a little silly sometimes.

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