The Thanksgiving Bucket | #NaBloPoMo

Today’s prompt from BlogHer was to talk about the best/worst Thanksgiving dishes. But since I generally save Thanksgiving items for Thursday Thanks, then I was going to skip right along to something else. 

And then I found a picture in my phone of one of my favorite Thanksgiving tools:  the bucket. Call it a Thursday Thanks Bonus, if you will. 

That’s me, a million Thanksgivings ago (okay, five), and that’s the Thanksgiving bucket. 

We use it to brine our turkey in, and in a pinch, when neither you nor your roommates have a bowl big enough to mix stuffing in, it will do for that too. (After a thorough washing, of course.) You could purée a vat of applesauce, toss together Chex Mix, or drop vegetable peelings into it. Somehow, an industrial bucket makes a fantastic Thanksgiving tool. 

It’s one of my favorite cooking memories – when necessity led to an idea, brining led to a bucket, and all roads led to delicious food. 

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