The Shoes Are Gray | #NaBloPoMo

Today’s BlogHer prompt asks:  What’s the dumbest thing you and a partner have ever fought about?

Now, let me first qualify by saying that Amanda and I don’t really fight. Generally we agree on stuff, and we think the other one is fantastic and marvelous and so smart, so we’re one of those annoying couples who are all, “No, you’re prettier.”

(I know. Feel free to hate us.)



There has been one ongoing battle that mars our good record. I refuse to concede any ground on the matter, and Amanda likewise does the same, and so we have been holding the line for at least the past year.

Remember that “what color is the dress?” debacle from a year or so ago. Some people saw blue and black, some people saw white and gold. (For the record, Amanda saw blue and black, and I saw white and gold, and no matter what she says, that does NOT mean her eyesight is better.)

Amanda owns a cute pair of shoes. And one day, she was asking if I thought she should wear them with an outfit.

“Which ones?” I asked. “The gray ones?”

“The blue ones,” she said.

“You have blue shoes?”

She went to the closet and produced them. “These are blue.”

The air caught between us; the line had been drawn. “They’re gray,” I insisted. And the battle began.

While I will concede that the gray of these shoes has a bluish hue, these are, in fact, gray shoes. Unless you ask Amanda. She believes that she’s right because she says so, and because I wear glasses (for nearsightedness and astigmatism, NOT for color blindness).

I believe I’m right because I’m right. They’re gray.

We will likely be old women, rocking on our front porch one day, eating soft pudding and wearing sweaters with tissues stuffed up the sleeves, and she will maintain that her shoes from long ago were blue, and I will have to say, with a sigh, again, “No, darling. The shoes are gray.”

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “The Shoes Are Gray | #NaBloPoMo

  1. I also wear glasses. And I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts and have been a freelance graphic artist for 23ish years. I work with color every day. They’re totally blue. (Sorry! I love you! haha)

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