Recipe Notes | #NaBloPoMo

butter cubes
Buttah… for scones.

We’ve been on the road for the past ten days for Gus’s first trip to see family (first road trip with a baby – so many blog posts to come), and so despite all my good thoughts and well-intended encouragement for Thanksgiving preparations, I have, as it happens, left most of it to the next few days. (But Dana! You said plan ahead! You said to stage! You said, you said, you said! And I stand by it, cherubs. I did prep – some – but now, it’s go time.) So as I made my lists and checked them twice in anticipation of the days ahead (and to avoid any last minute trips to the grocery store for forgotten items because NO), I came across a couple of recipe notes that made me laugh.

The first, from my mother, for her deviled egg recipe:

If desired, sprinkle each egg with paprika. (If you add relish to the yolk mixture I will disown you.)

Amanda makes the deviled eggs in our house, so I’m safe from said disowning (she adds dill pickles, and oh-so-much more).

I happened upon Orange Chocolate Chip Scones in The Joy of Cooking years ago – indeed, it was my first homemade scone! And it’s still my favorite. (What is it about first loves?) But on the opposite page of the scone recipe, I noticed this little note from Irma Rombauer:

Drop Biscuits Made with Oil (No Cholesterol)

These are remarkably acceptable, especially if one adds other flavorful ingredients.

I feel like if Irma Rombauer were a food blogger today, this note might read, “Surprise! Even though they’re healthy-ish, these biscuits don’t totally suck, and if you add bacon and chives and cheddar, they’re almost good.”

I am as big a fan as anybody else of getting recipes from the Internet, but it’s hard to find jewels like these – stern warnings from your mother, snarky comments from cooking legends – by doing a web search. I look forward to the day Gus finds my drawings of hearts in the margins of all my favorite recipes. I’ll have to add a stern warning or two… to pass the torch.

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