Simpler Times | Fruity Pebbles Treats

I think it’s important to take pictures of your baby sleeping whenever you can. Because one day, when they’re around eight months old, they’ll suddenly lose all interest in sleeping. It’s nice to have good times to look back on. Simpler times.

Our own Little Sous Chef will be eight months old next week, and we’ve been fighting the good fight. Last night, it took us over an hour to get him to bed. And then he woke up every two hours to nurse because he was too distracted during the day to nurse enough and right now, he’s like, “solid foods? woman, please.”

I’ve told him not to talk to his mother that way, but what can you do?

Truth be told, even with how hard the night was, I was celebratory in the morning. A whole night in his crib. No Rock ‘n Play (because he’s strong and will totally throw himself out of it now). No crashing in our bed (glory be). So, win? (Yes. Qualified yes.)

Speaking of simpler times, I felt the need to eat these feelings of exhaustion and problem solving and wonder (because, after all, the reason he can’t sleep is because he’s cutting teeth, and learning to crawl and blink on purpose, and he just discovered he has ears – big stuff on his plate).

So once we finished our grocery shopping today and he very hesitantly gave a few smiles to the ladies working the deli, we wrapped back around to the cereal aisle, and this treat was born.

I came home, melted three tablespoons of butter and added five and a half cups of marshmallows because that’s what the bag of marshmallows told me to do. I added six cups of cereal – in this case, Fruity Pebbles.

Again, a simpler time.

Plus, pretty.

Mix it all up, put it in a greased pan, wait for it to harden if you can (I couldn’t).

May your treats be simple and tasty. May your baby sleep long and deeply. May the beer be cold.

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