Photo by Cece Sacksen, Saddle Creek Photography
Photo by Cece Sacksen, Saddle Creek Photography

My name is Dana Staves, and I’m a writer and home cook. I earned my MFA at Old Dominion University, where I studied fiction. My work has appeared in Shaking Magazine, Alimentum, Grist, Fiction Writers ReviewBook Riot, DistinctionFood Riot, and a few other publications. I live in southern Maryland with my wife, our son, and our very clingy cat.

I enjoy a lot of things, most of which I’ll write about here, but my life centers primarily around writing and eating. And to achieve eating, cooking. Whisks & Words combines those two loves to be a blog about a writer who cooks.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Fun and informative ‘About.’ I hope both cooking and writing are moving in the direction you like. I love the wisk/pen logo – it’s really quite clever! My husband is a graduate of Old Dominion as well – he’s now 52 but still speaks fondly of ODU.
    Lovely blog…

      1. My husband remembers the 4400 Campus Club bar and Friar Tucks as fun places to hangout. He got to the beach quite a bit and oh yes, he managed to get his studying done too (so he tells me 😉 ).
        Have a wonderful week

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